Crystal Workshop

Crystals , Crystals, and More Crystals...                    
This class is held on a

Saturday Afternoon 1pm -4pm  

Are you attracted to a specific Crystal and wanted to know more about them? There are great benefits that come with the use of Crystals!   This class will be an introduction of crystals and how you can use them to benefit your health and how you can have them around to enhance your home environment.

In this class, we will discuss:

Basic facts about crystals

                        Crystal properties and purposes

Color properties and how it helps to identify their benefits   

How and when it is best used.

Using crystals on chakra points. 

You will experience a guided meditation with Crystals                     you pick for yourself and get to take home with you.

Please wear comfortable clothes to the class 'cause we'll be playing with the stones!!! 

This class is $125. Class is restricted to 10 people.