Emotional Release Using Essential Oils

   Classes are held on a Saturday or
Sunday between 1pm-5pm

Presented by Megumi Abiko

Location: TBA

  Private classes available

In this class, we will be discussing how to help clients break through their emotional blocks using essential oils.


We will be discussing twelve essential oil blends from the company Young Living that I find most useful: Forgiveness®, Grounding®, Harmony®, Hope®, Inner Child®, Joy®, Present Time®, Release®, SARA®, 3 Wise Men®, Valor® and White Angelica®.


How and when it is best used.


We will have the opportunity to explore our own emotions and give ourselves a Reiki treatment using oils listed above.


Please bring sheets and towels (for head rest) to the class :)


These oils where developed by Dr. Young to help clear emotional patterns and blocks. Emotions are the most elusive part of the human body, yet they affect every aspect of our lives. For example, extreme stress can cause both physical and emotional problems. We might become anxious, depressed, or irritable, which may in turn result in difficulty sleeping, digestive concerns, and more.
Aromatherapy has proven effective in bringing the body and mind back to peak performance. The essential oils that are presented will help you move forward in life with newfound excitement, happiness, and a sense of greater accomplishment.  


Tuition is $150 with a pre-registration of $75.