Reiki Kids

Raising awareness for children to be
        Compassionate, and

Taught by Megumi Abiko and Kelly Filepas

      Location TBA: in Central, NJ 

Please call or e-mail for a registration form.

As a New Jersey Certified Educator since 1992, I have seen more children coming into schools that are sensitive to the environment around them. I felt it is time for me to design a Reiki program that can meet the diverse needs for each child.  I am excited to see first hand how Reiki empowers children to take care of themselves and give the tools needed to assist them when a situation arises. With this program children will gain the ability to rely on themselves in a positive way. Children learn compassion through the use of Reiki on themselves, family members, pets and those they want to help. Self-empowerment helps guide the child to calm oneself and ease his or her own anxieties (i.e. going to the dentist, doctors or taking a test).

A Reiki level I attunement will be offered during the 2nd lesson, the acceptance of which is entirely up to the child. This course is designed to be fun and interesting for children, placing emphasis on experiencing energies and putting words and feelings to Reiki through art, movement and sound. In this class we honor their unique perspectives and present Reiki in a way that they will understand.

In the classes provided the children will:

               Learn to sense energy

               Do simple Qi Gong exercises

               Chakra Art and Aura creative expression

               Reiki on themselves, plants, pets and other people

               Breathing exercise and activities to assist in clear thinking

There will be creative work and physical play, which requires them to wear comfortable clothes.  Please pack snacks for your own child, there will be water provided, please inform well in advance of any food allergies so that we and other parents can be informed. Bring a blanket for their Reiki sessions. Cost per child includes Reiki Kids Certificate, Reiki Kids book and all crafts materials.

Each day will include: mini meditation, focus exercises, topic of the Day and end with a Reiki session:

   Lesson 1:  Understanding Reiki

Lesson 2: Reiki attunements

Lesson 3:  Chakra art

Lesson 4:  Crystals

Lesson 5:  Reiki on animals

Lesson 6:  Reiki for food & environment

Lesson 7: Certification ceremony

Our hope is to have a program that can continues to grow, so that children who have gone through this course can attend monthly Children Reiki Share.