Reiki Jin Kei Do Mastership Seminar

Classes will be broken up into IV phases

 Phase I & Phase II TBA

 Phase III TBA

 Phase IV TBA

 Phase V TBA



1.     Letter or personal statement of intent describing the reason for requesting to be a Reiki Jin Kei Do Master

2.     Personal interview with the Master Teacher / Instructor

3.     Financial commitment

4.     Thorough training and practice in First and Second Degree Reiki

5. Must have completed level III in the Reiki Jin Kei Do


Training Course


Stage 1 (one day)

·        Overview of training and discussion of responsibilities and expectations of the Reiki Master

·        Receive a full body treatment to prepare the body-energy field for the empowerment.

·        Learn the Master symbol and receive Master Empowerment.

·        Teach Qi Gong breathing methods and Reiki breathing method – to be practiced by student.

These exercises prepare the student for learning the attunement procedure in the next stage.


During the period of integration of the energy and purification process, the student shall write an essay on what it means to them to become a Reiki Master.  This should include what one’s personal motivation is for wanting to move into this next phase of work, as well as what one’s roles and responsibilities are.  In addition, the symbols should be thoroughly memorized and meditated on.


Stage 2 (apprenticeship over a period of approximate one-year)

Student and Instructor meet for two days to:


Discuss essay and cleansing process.  The student shall give Instructor lying down Reiki treatment. This is to demonstrate competency in administering sessions as well as for the teacher to assess energy flow from the student.  Review breathing techniques and symbols (student shall draw them for the teacher).   Student shall demonstrate seated chair treatment.  Discuss First Degree Attunement procedure – student shall practice on teacher or another student. 


Each student shall organize a First Degree Reiki class with a minimum of four new students, drawing from their own contacts.  Instructor is present to observe and evaluate and/or co-teach.  After the class, Instructor and student meet to go over and discuss what was observed.  The Instructor receives half of the gross income from the class.  The student will determine the fees for these classes.


This process of evaluation / co-teaching classes is repeated as many times as necessary until both the teacher and student agree that sufficient confidence and ability have been demonstrated.  Then the Master student is authorized to teach First Degree classes on their own.


After the student has taught at least one First Degree class, a second training will be conducted to provide the student with the information and material to present a Second Degree class.  The student shall organize a Second Degree class with the teacher observing and evaluating.  The same process is repeated as with the First Degree class.  The teacher also receives one half of gross income from the class.


During this period, the teacher is available to the student for consultation and advice on issues and situations that may arise during the course of training.  In addition, the Instructor may ask the student to assist in giving attunements and lectures in the Instructor’s classes.  A continual evaluation process is shared from Instructor to student.


After at least one year of supervised training and when the student has taught at least one First Degree and Second Degree class, the last stage can begin.  This includes working with the student to prepare them to evaluate and prepare their own students for Reiki Mastership.


Please note, even if you may have previous training in other Reiki Linages, to learn Reiki Jin Kei Do you are required to start at Reiki Level I with no exceptions.