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a friend  when they come and mention your name, you will recieve $10 off  your next treatment!


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Have a Reiki Party at your home!

Call some friends up and tell them a little about Reiki and how it can benefit anyone!   It’s time to stop neglecting themselves from relaxation!!!   Invite them over on a specific day and let them experience “The Touch of Reiki.”  I will convert one of the rooms in your home to be an Aroma Therapy/Reiki room and give treatments while everyone else socializes, have munchies and chit chats!   For each person who tries one of the treatments at your party, you as the host get $15 credit towards your treatment!!  So if 5 people hop on the table you basically get your treatment for free!!  Tell them that I offer many styles of relaxation techniques and come to check it out!  I will also have gift certificates available for friends and family too!!!   Please feel free to forward this to anyone you think might be interested!!! 


Aromatherapy Party    $50 donation per person

Invite at least 5 guests to your home, the more the merrier!  Here the Host(ess) will be the guinea-pig on the massage table and I will show everyone how to do a basic back massage on the Host(ess) or foot massage and the guests gets to take turns working on the Host(ess)!!  Then I will speak briefly about what types of oils to use to help with specific ailments.  I will have many different oils with me and everyone will have the chance to smell them too, so there is no guessing game on your part.  If any of the oils interests you and your guests during the seminar they can order them to be sent to their home.  Please ask each guest to bring their own 3 hand towels (not the little square wash cloth but the towel that's 16"x24") and wear comfortable clothing. 

Hope to hear from you soon!!!


Seminars in your Office

Invite your staff members to learn a little about Reiki and how it can benefit anyone!   It’s time to stop neglecting themselves, and relieve stress from their working enviroment. 


Special Offer

Mention this Special offer and get $10 off your

Reiki Treatment

Usually $95