Reiki Analogy

Imagine your body is like a flowing mountain stream..... everything is in balance.   Even if there are small rocks in the stream, the water (i.e., you) will navigate around, over or under the stream and it will continue to flow.  

But, what if, the "rocks" (i.e., life experiences, thoughts, emotions, etc.) begin to pile up in one area....what happens to the water?    It slows down, perhaps back up and may become stagnate, and has to work much harder to make just a tiny bit of progress?  Each of our bodies is like that stream.... when we're "on", we're flowing freely and we have the balance we need to perform optimally.  But as rocks (ie, life experiences, thoughts, emotions, etc.) appear, our energy is slowed down.... we have to work harder to achieve the same or even less.  The balance is off.

Reiki restores the energy imbalance with energy that clears the rocks so balance can be restored.