What My Practice Means to Me

Being a Holistic Practitioner 

With each day I realize how powerful my holistic practice has impacted my life!  Through my practice, I have seen first hand the use of essential oils along with Reiki can calm a baby, help animals be more manageable, alleviate my father's pain and clear my mind from clutter! Reiki has changed my life!

Using Reiki, to channel universal energies to help regain balance, I assist in enhancing your personal healing capabilities! Complimented with essential oils, JMT technique, Cutting Cords of Attachments, crystals and sound therapy, I’ve seen first hand how the combination of my practice can benefit all aspects of your life: Mental (behavior modification, stress management, emotional release, depression), Physical (backaches, allergies, and other diseases) and spiritual.

I feel lucky to have been taught great gifts to add to my "tool box" that will help me to help others become empowered, one person at a time.

Megumi  is certified  to practice the following treatments:

JMT technique,

Cutting Cords of Attachments,

Level I and Level II in essential oils,

and a YoungLiving distributor.



is a Reiki Master, in two lineages.  Ryoho Reiki and

8th in succession

in the Seiji Takamori lineage of

Reiki Jin Kei Do=

•Universal Energy



from Mikao Usui (1865-1926) of the healing

practices of Japan, Tibet, and China.